how to lose a pound a week


A pound has about 3,500 calories.  To lose a pound a week (considered very reasonable and doable by most dietitians) you need to reduce 500 calories a day.  That could be a combination of diet and exercise – the best way to go.

EASY WAYS TO CUT CALORIES: (each tip about 100 or more)

  • use nonfat milk instead of whole milk and a no cal sweeter such as stevia or truvia in your coffee
  • skip the bagel and have a banana, hard-boiled egg or English muffin instead
  • substitute high fiber, high protein extend crisps for potato chips
  • use yogurt or mustard instead of mayo
  • half the rice or pasta and double the veggies
  • eat an open face sandwich with only one slice of bread


Most people burn about 400 calories/hour when at a moderate rate on the treadmill.  You an break that up into 2 30-minute sessions or 3-20 minute sessions in any given day.  Just ensure you’re at a high enough heart rate. An easy way to gauge is if you can talk but not sing while you’re exercising.


exercise 4xweek = 1,600 calories burned

cut 300 calories daily = 2,100 calories saved

total: 3,700 calories (or at least a pound a week down)

Play with these concepts and come up with your own food and fitness plan so that will not only fit in your jeans come Jan 1 you just might be flaunting it in your skinny jeans!


Jovanka JoAnn Milivojevic

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