Return to Life through Contrology

In 1945, Joseph. H. Pilates wrote:

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”  His doctrine, however, extends far beyond physical attainments.  The spirit is a rarely discussed but an essential component of Joseph Pilates’ work.  A spiritual essence is threaded throughout his book, Return to Life through Contrology.

“With body, mind, and spirit functioning perfectly as a coordinated whole, what else could reasonably be expected other than an active, alert and disciplined person?  Moreover, such a body freed from nervous tension and over-fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well-balanced mind that is always fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living.  Personal problems are clearly thought out and calmly met.” Ahhhh wouldn’t that be nice?


Having recently completed a long term assignment in a corporate environment, I truly believe that until the leadership practices and promotes healthy living ON THE JOB – corporate workers  will continue to be fatigued and on the dire path toward chronic lifestyle ills that are so rampantly on the rise today (heart disease, diabetes, back/neck pain …)

Pilates is an efficient, effective way to wake up and return to the joy of living — and  simple system to set up  in a corporate environment. Some employers have added small Pilates studios in their worksites to offer employees discounted private lessons. Wise – because employees can feel very vulnerable working out with their colleagues and subordinates.  Check out what what hotelier Bill Marriott created in his workplace once he discovered what Pilates it did for him.  Way to share the love, Bill.

For more information, Pilates classes and private sessions in the Chicago area, click the About Me tab above.


Jovanka JoAnn Milivojevic

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