How can you take better care of your health? Be more proactive about your office visits. Here are five tips will help you be a better medical care consumer.

1. Know your family history – know how parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles died. This is especially important if they died young.

2. Have a primary care physician – schedule an annual exam. Primary care doctors are the gatekeepers of your medical care and your medical history.

3. Ask questions. If you don’t understand a process or procedure keep asking questions until it is clear to you. Feel free to take notes during your medical visit.

4. List your medications. Maintain a current list of medicines including over-the-counter medicines and any supplements. Tell your doctor about any allergies.

5. Request test or procedure results. Ask when and how you will get the results of tests or procedures. Make especially sure you get any lab results or x-rays from any Emergency Room visits.
Here are more details on what you can do to prevent medical errors.

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