More healthful and less expensive than most commercial energy bars, the portable, perfectly packaged banana gives you what you need to refuel after a tough workout or a midday pick-me-up.  It’s a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium and manganese and the banana is particularly high in vitamin B6.  All that and it merely has about 100 calories!

Marketers for the little yellow nutritional powerhouse got the nod from The Food and Drug Administration allowing them to promote potassium’s link to prevention of high blood pressure and stroke. And that’s not all.  The high concentration of vitamin B6 boosts you immune system and helps your nervous system function better too.

To ripen a banana, leave it at room temperature for a few days or put it in a paper bag to speed up the process.  Once ripe, you can refrigerate it. The skin will turn black but the fruit inside will be just fine.

Bananas give smoothies a silky texture. The only limit is your imagination. This recipe includes lemon, honey, yogurt and a banana for a super smoothie and a big boost of energy to take on any activity. I blend cold coffee, banana and some protein vanilla powder for a refreshing summer pick-me-up.   Enjoy.



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