“Quitting is easy,” said Mark Twain, “I do it all the time.”

If you smoke or have a loved one that does, how many times have they quit?  Bunches right?  Well I have a predicament now – how to help my new man stop smoking.  Yes,  Me health writer, fitness instructor and all things wellness is dating a smoker.  He said he smoked “casually” but as we became more comfortable the rate of lighting up increased. And frankly at nearly a pack a day, that ain’t casual.

Fact is it takes people MANY times of quitting before it finally sticks.  But people do succeed. It is possible.

It’s not the second hand smoke that bothers me so much because he’s steps away outside. It’s his cough.  It is my father’s cough.  My father who died of lung cancer. This is the cold hard fact.  Heavy smokers will die sooner because of their nasty habit.  This makes me sad.  He’s got young kids and well, there’s this lovely budding relationship… American Lung Association - Fighting For Air

The American Lung Association has a program that might help and I will offer it up to him.  Here’s one testimonial:

“The program was there when I was ready not to smoke.  I had something to reach out for.  Not to take away from the program’s content or research but I just wanted to give [smoking] up. I went to the program every week. I enjoyed that there were people to talk and to listen to. I even went to follow-up meetings and tried to give back, to help at the hospital.” – Steven, 58

Some say acupuncture. I just want him to pick something and start the process.  But only he can do this. In the meantime, I offer my love and support. And will incorporate these tips on helping others quit.

Comments from quitters and those who love them welcome!




  1. Mary D. Walton

    There is a product called “Jet” I am told by people who have tried to quit multiple times, that this method works. “Jet” cigarettes come in different flavors and have graduated levels of nicotine in them. They are an electronic device. The “cigarette” is silver with a plastic bite. When you “smoke” there is a vapor that comes out. One of my clients who is a pretty hard core smoker says he is quite satisfied and he says he has tried many other methods.

    1. JoAnn Post author

      Thanks. He did have an electronic cig for awhile – not sure which one – then lost some part. I will tell him about Jet.

  2. Lana

    Cole quit smoking cigarettes using those Nicorette lozenges. he didn’t actually ‘quit’ since he smokes cigars now, but hes got a lot more self control with those and doesn’t turn into a gremlin when he can’t have a smoke. that’s especially important now that Liam is born since there will be NO smoking in the car or anywhere near his presence. he always tells me that no matter what i say or do, he doesn’t want to quit, so that the end of the story.

    1. JoAnn Post author

      Si has been saying he wants to quit since I met him (ok it’s just been a few months) but I never asked him to. So we will see what he does. He does NOT smoke in the house or my car but when stressed out he smokes in his. Thanks for the lozenges tip. And better the occasional cigar than the more frequently smoked cigs! Hope baby booper Liam is well and happy (and y’all too)


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