Pilates is your play time.  Yes, it’s a workout but as you uncover more of your innate power, flexibility and coordination, you’ll find new joy living in your body. It’s a fun, challenging mind-body experience.

I work with athletesiStock_000008154512XSmall and new exercisers of all ages. I teach group classes, privates and develop custom workshops

Study after study shows that exercise helps prevent many health problems and it can help treat health conditions too. Pilates focuses on core strength – those muscles closest to your spine which include the abdominals, back, shoulders and hips. It’s non-impact, easy on the joints, and customizable to most people’s needs.

A strong spine is vital to all health. It is after all, your backbone!  Pilates can enhance athletic performance and help you rehab from injuries. Know that I can consult with your physical therapist to ensure you continue your return to your best possible mobility.

Pilates will improve all you do. From yoga to kayaking to golf to picking up iStock_000000546165XSmallgroceries and the kids. Your core is the foundation of all movement.

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