“I really believe that working on the machines with JoAnn has heightened my practice and has changed my body in a way that no other workout has ever done.”
• Gina Speckman, Executive Director, Chicago’s North Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau

“I have improved body awareness, release of low back tension, and more corewoman jumping pink blse strength. I greatly appreciate my time with JoAnn.”
• Jennifer Gallagher, Executive Vice President, Artex Risk Solutions, Inc.

“I have more strength, better posture, increased stamina and a better feeling about myself.”
• Jan Mason, Business Owner

“JoAnn is not only a great listener but also a great communicator.”
• Sandi Swanson, Musician/Model

“As an avid athlete, Pilates has created a new challenge for me.”
• Katy F, Elementary School Teacher

“Pilates has changed not only the way I work with my body but how I work with my mind.”
• Robyn N, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist


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